COLT 130G / 150G - професионална серия инверторни заваръчни машини за ММА заваряване

COLT- 130G / 150G



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The range of COLT power sources, known all around the world for its exceptional power to weight ratio, now with full generator compatibility due to its new I.P.M. technology (Inverter Power Microcontroller). This professional range is suitable for light duty and maintenance activities.



COLT 130G / 150G  
Features and product advantages:
• Compatible with motor-generators.
• Delivered ready to use in a plastic case with all accessories:
Plug & Weld.
• Compatible with use in the domestic
environment due to reduced electromagnetic
emissions: the cleanest unit in its category.
• Excellent starting and arc stability due to
the IPM technology with Arc Force and
Hot Start linked to the welding current.
Easy to use and high quality.
• Single-phase 230 V unit,
extra light: < 3.8 kg.
colt 100px
Delivered equipped with:
• primary cable,
• welding cable with electrode holder,
• welding cable equipped with earth clamp,
• hammer / brush / helmet,
• pack of rutile electrodes,
• safety instructions,
• user manual,
• PVC case for transportation.