PRESTO 190 PRO - портативни DC инверторни заваръчни машини за ММА заваряване - с всички видове електроди

PRESTO 190 PRO портативни DC инверторни машини за ММА заваряване


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Portable DC Inverters
PRESTO PRO welding machines have been designed to meet the most demanding conditions for on-site welding applications, offering reliable operation and high duty cycle. Each machine features the special Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) for increased safety when used in mines, shipyards and petrochemical plant.



The PRESTO 190 PRO offers top welding performance with the possibility to adjust both the Arc Force and Hot Start parameters. Maximum safety is ensured with the Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) making this equipment suitable for demanding site environements, such as mining, shipyards and petrochemical plants. This unit is designed for heavy duty use, for welding all types of MMA electrodes, including cellulosic. Microprocessor controlled, the PRESTO 190 PRO offers excellent arc stability, even with fluctuating input voltage. The built-in Power Factor Correction (PFC) module enables welding with 160 Amps at 50% duty cycle at 40 °C ambient temperature with a primary consumption of only 16A, so PRESTO 190 PRO can be used with a domestic plug. PRESTO 190 PRO is very versatile and when TIG welding, the slope up and slope down times can be et by the control panel.



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