PRESTO 220 VRD - портативни DC инвертори за ММА заваряване

PRESTO 220 VRD портативни DC инверторни машини за ММА заваряване


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• Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) for safe welding
   in difficult situations such as mining sites,
   shipyards and petrochemical plants.
• Flexible and portable. Presto 220 VRD is the
   solution for welding all types of MMA electrodes,
   including cellulosic.
• Durable Presto design with front panel protection.


A complete range of welding sets designed for heavy duty industrial applications. The inverter technology provides light weight, reduced dimensions and low power consumption, making the Presto range ideal for every situation where portability, reliability and quality are required. The VRD isolates the welding power supply and supplies low voltage (14 V) to the welding terminals in 0.01 seconds. This feature allows PRESTO 220 VRD to be used in all conditions without risk of electric shock. “TIG LIFT +” cycle starting with slope up and slope down regulation. Suitable for all types of MMA electrodes, including cellulosic. Remote control plug on front panel.
Excellent arc control with adjustable Hot Start and Arc Force parameters.