SAXO - портативно оборудане за заваряване с ММА електроди

SAXO-серия заваръчни машини


Символни означения в каталога за заваръчни машини

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Ultra light inverters for fast and quality work.
• Lightweight and compact.
• Hot start function & anti-sticking device.
• Supplied ready to use.
• Accommodates all electrode types
   (except Cellulosic).
• Generator compatible.



 SAXO 1300G - ММА заваряване                SAXO 1600G

The SAXO range of power sources is designed for welding with MMA electrodes for both industrial and lighter applications. The use of inverter technology provides light weight and reduced dimensions for improved flexibility. Ideal for maintenance and repair activities. The protection of the PCBs is specially designed for use with generators.

IPM inside: Inverter Power Microcontroller (I.P.M.) makes it easy to weld with MMA electrodes in all positions. IPM technology provides Hot Start for easy striking and Arc Force control for Arc stability.

Full compatibility with motor generators and usable outdoors (IP23) bringing the flexibility for welding all applications in all situations.

SAXO 1300G - Compatible with all domestic electrical networks conformance to EN 60974-10 is a unique feature of the SAXO 1300G, achieved using special filters.


  SAXO 1300G SAXO 1600G
Power supply single phase 50/60 Hz 230 V (±15%) 230 V (±20%)
 Primary effective consumption  14 A 16 A
 Primary consumption at I max.  30 A 36 A
 No-load voltage  69 V 87 V
 Welding current  10 - 130 A 5 - 160 A
 Duty cycle 10 min. cycle(at 40 °C) at 20%  130 A 160 A
 Duty cycle 10 min. cycle(at 40 °C) at 60%  70 A 120 A
 Duty cycle 10 min. cycle(at 40 °C) at 100%  55 A 100 A
 Electrode diameter  1.6 to 3.2 mm 1.6 to 4.0 mm
 Connector diameter  9 mm 9 mm
 Dimensions (L x l x h)  220 x 120 x 320 mm 230 x 145 x 365 mm
 Weight  3.5 kg 7 kg
 Protection class  IP 23 IP 23
 Insulation class  H H
 Standards  EN 60974-1 / EN 60974-10 EN 60974-1 / EN 60974-10