SAXOTIG 160 AC/DC -ТИГ заваръчни машини за специалисти

SAXOTIG 160 AC/DC - заваръчни машини за ТИГ заваряване от псециалисти


 Технически характеристики

SAXOTIG AC/DC TIG machines are designed for the welding specialists. SAXOTIG is the ideal machine to meet the requirements of maintenance applications. The rugged design and optimum performance makes these machines the ideal partner for all workshop and on-site requirements.



• User-friendly front panel,
• AC/DC welding currents,
• MMA or 2T-4T TIG and spot mode
• Selection: pulsed TIG DC, AC with variable frequencies and adjustment of the balance cleaning,
• Time/penetration,
• Robustness.
SAXOTIG 160 AC/DC - ТИГ заваръчни машни за специалисти
Standard package:
• 1 SAXOTIG 160 AC/DC power source, 
• 3 m primary cable,
• 3 m earth cable & clamp and DINSE connector,
• 2 m fitted gas hose.